About aramas



As innovators in the Closed Circuit market, our vision is to provide business and personal solutions for advanced security and ground-breaking technology experiences.


The Aramas Mission is to not only coexist within the ever-changing technological market, but also to surpass this coexistence through innovative advances in research and development.


Since its establishment in the mid 2000’s, Aramas and partners have provided clientele with fast service, efficient systems, and professional solutions around the globe. Widely regarded as the best in Low Current & Security Systems in Qatar, Aramas prides itself in providing world-class, state of the art certified security systems. A pioneer in both the commercial and residential sectors within the MENA region, Aramas offers new & innovative solutions to the market. Home to passionate and specialist engineers, backed by a comprehensive training program, we are able to ensure uncompromising quality with a stellar reputation. Our mission includes unparalleled quality service & enthusiasm in offering security solutions that are built to last and designed with a customized system that fits you, your business, and your home. Providing security and efficient futuristic solutions to our clients is neither an audition to be taken lightly nor a part to played in an extravagant manner. We work closely as a team to ensure that you receive all that you require without the hassle or insecurity of being over or under sold. Our team is made up of professionals who take pride in what they do, and whose main and first concern is the security and safety of our clients along with the excitement of introducing the latest in technology. Pride is not to be taken lightly, it is the foundation of our business, and we refuse to give our clients a reason to feel otherwise. Welcome to, not only a new World of technology, but a better way of doing business.